Fire-Lite CRF-300 Addressable Relay Module

Fire-Lite Addressable Relay Module CRF-300


Fire-Lite Addressable Relay Module CRF-300

Product Overview

The CRF-300 Addressable Relay Module provides the system with a dry-contact output for activating a variety of auxiliary devices, such as fans, door holders, dampers, control equipment, etc. Address-ability allows the dry contact to be activated through panel programming, on a select basis.

LiteSpeed is a communication protocol developed by Fire-Lite Engineering that greatly enhances the speed of communication between analog intelligent devices. Intelligent devices communicate in a grouped fashion. If one of the devices within the group has new information, the panel CPU stops the group poll and concentrates on single points. The net effect is response speed greater than five times that of other designs.

General Information
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