Long Range Reader-Parking-Gate-AccessUHF RFID Card 860-960 MHz Parking Access Control Miami

UHF Long Range Reader with RFID windshield stickers is the best option for Parking Garage Access Control . Miami – Aventura-Hallandale Beach-Sunny Isles-Broward.

UHF Long range Readers and RFID windshield stickers-decals are the leading Technology of outdoor readers for Vehicle Identification in access control systems for parking garage management. This is a similar system to the one used on the expressway to identify vehicles ( automatic Toll system or Sunpass ). With a range of up to 12 m, UHF readers are ideally suited for vehicle access control systems, the RFID windshield stickers are small size and requires no batteries. Ours UHF long readers have encrypted codification witch make them immune to RF interference, They are convenient, effective, reliable and affordable.  We offer installation uhf long range reader for parking garages in Miami, Hallandale Beach, Aventura, Sunny Isles and Broward Area.

bai 440 barcode reader miami

BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader

The BA-440 DualBeam Barcode Reader is the most compact, full featured barcode reader for Automatic Vehicle Identification in access control systems. Combining advanced laser technology with the proven DualBeam design pioneered by Barcode Automation, inc., the BA-440 Barcode Reader offers the best performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness available.

bai barcode reader miami

BA-220 DualBeam Barcode Reader

Automatic Vehicle Identification has never been easier. The BA-220 DualBeam Barcode Reader by Barcode Automation, inc. is a powerful, reliable system for identifying moving vehicles at reasonable cost. Easy to install, simple to maintain and operate.

bai barcode decals stickers miami

BAi Barcode Decals

Barcode Automation, inc. offers vehicle barcode decals in 56 different colors, which is useful for color matching or color-coding parking areas. For an unobtrusive (almost invisible on tinted windows) decal, our popular black-on-black decal is the answer.

Once properly attached to the vehicle window, the decals will not be lost or loaned; and Barcode Automation readers do not read photocopies of barcodes.


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