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Fire Alarm Products and Services in Miami & Broward from Guardian Electronics

Using the highest quality fire alarm system products is the best way to ensure that your facility, personnel and ideas remain protected from a devastating fire. We can provide customers with the products and services they need to create the fire alarm system that is right for their business.

Our company sell, install, services, certifies,  perform annual inspections and repairs all types of -Fire Alarm Systems. We recommend and represent the following manufacturers: – Notifier Fire Systems ,– Bosch , – FireLite Alarms , – Honeywell , – Cooper, – Wheelock , – Edwards , – EST , – Gamewell , – GE , – Silent Knight , – Ademco .

Conventional System

No matter what your risk of fire is, every facility has to observe certain fire protection specifications. If your facility is not at a greater risk for fires, a conventional system including smoke, heat or duct detectors and manual pull stations may be all you need. Call us for a complete list of Guardian Electronics Inc conventional fire alarm products.

Analog/Addressable System

Depending on the local Fire Marshall or AHJ your building may require a more advanced system. Analog / Addressable systems provide point ID of all of the detection devices in the system. These systems allow for pinpoint location of a potential fire. Guardian Electronics offers a selection ranging from beam smoke detectors to photo smoke detectors and manual pull systems, all of which are addressable. Call us for a complete listing of analog/addressable fire alarm system products.

Voice Evacuation System

Guardian Electronics Inc offers products that immediately announce the danger of a fire that requires evacuation, stay-in place and other public addresses. These voice evacuation systems are directly integrated into the system and may be required depending on the local building codes. Call us for Guardian Electronics Inc completed list of voice evacuation system products.

Fire Alarm Communicators & Software

Assuring that your fire alarm communicator is up to code and capable of reaching the proper authorities is an essential part of any system. Guardian Electronics Inc offers communicators that are operable across any network or system. Call us to review a complete list of fire alarm communicators and software.

Detection Devices

Your protection from a fire is only as good as the product that will detect and warn you of the danger you are faced with. Whether your building or facility requires smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull station or duct detectors to keep your facility safe, these products have to be of high quality and compatible with the system. Call us for the complete list of Guardian Electronics Inc detection devices.

Notification Appliances (audio/visual)

Notifications appliances are used to notify people in the building in the event of a fire. These devices need to meet strict audible and visual requirements depending on the code, building and occupancy type. Guardian Electronics Inc will select the proper notification devices that are required to make your building meet all national and local codes. Call us is you need a listing our available notification appliances.