DVRs, NVRs, Security Cameras Miami-Broward

DVRs, NVRs, Security Cameras Miami-Broward

Guardian Electronics offer a wide variety of DVRs, NVRs or Digital Video Recorders for Miami and Broward Area

Guardian Electronics is your premier provider for all your DVR system needs in Miami and Broward. From 4 to 16 channel DVR recorders to DVR system bundles, we specializes in the highest quality equipment for simple and complex security installations.

How many cameras do you need? If your point of entry is a single wall, often you will only need two cameras: one to watch the door and one to watch the interior. If there is also a back door, a third camera should be needed. If there is more than one room, there is a good chance that each will require their own camera, positioned for the best viewing angle. If you plan on expanding, or a four-camera security system doesn’t meet your video surveillance needs, you might consider an 8 Channel DVR System.

Below is an example of the newest technology on DVRs

Our High Definition Digital Video Recording Security Camera Systems offer all the latest and greatest features and functions – and then some – available on the market today. This DVR is a High Definition Digital Video Recorder that is perfect for, business, government, or any high end CCTV application. The easy to use graphical user interface makes the DVR simple and easy to setup and use.

High Definition DVR offers:

HDMI High Definition Recording – Unlike our competitors our DVR’s offer High Definition Multimedia Input with the ability to capture resolution up to 4k (8 MP). Our High Definition DVR can improve and up-convert the resolution image quality on any older cameras you may have.

Multiple Monitor Options – Use any TV, PC Monitor (VGA), High Definition (HDMI) TV or CCTV Monitor. You can use up to three monitors at a time. You may use any PC to view your surveillance video on your local area network. For example, our customers with wireless laptops on the LAN network have the ability to watch surveillance video. You may view, record, and review video from any PC or laptop at your local location.

Multiple Screen Displays – View 1 camera, 4 Cameras, 8 Cameras, 16 Cameras, or 32 Cameras at a time. In addition, there are many more flexible screen display options to choose from.

Remote Viewing and Video Review from ANY PC or CELL PHONE – Internet Viewing represents one of the most popular feature. There are NO MONTHLY FEES. Simply plug in our Digital Video Recorder to any high- speed Internet connection. It must be hardwired with the data wire (the wire that is coming from your modem or router and is slightly larger than a telephone plug.) You may view over Internet Explorer, MAC, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and More. It is a FREE APPLICATION that allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies.

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